Norfolk Community Biodiversity Awards for 2018

Where are our local wildlife heroes?
Do you know of someone (or a group, school, parish council or business) who is working to make a difference for wildlife, and inspiring others in their community to get involved?
Now is your chance to nominate them for a 2018 Norfolk Community Biodiversity Award!
The Awards are organised annually by the Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership (NBP), a well-established partnership working to co-ordinate and share initiatives to conserve biodiversity across Norfolk. There are 5 different award categories to recognise people’s voluntary efforts to give nature a helping hand or to help people though
contact with nature:
(i) Saving Species, which recognises individual or group efforts to improve the lot of wildlife species or species groups;
(ii) Groups, which recognises the achievements of groups working on biodiversity projects in their local community;
(iii) Young People’s Achievement, which is for individuals under 18 or those who enable young people to make a personal contribution to nature and biodiversity;
(iv) Nature for Health and Wellbeing, which recognises projects and activities that bring benefits for people’s health and wellbeing alongside benefits for biodiversity (or knowledge of it) in the community;
(v) Churchyards and Cemeteries, which recognises action to care for churchyards and cemeteries so that they provide opportunities for nature to thrive as well as being welcoming and tranquil oasis for people.

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